October: Vine Tree Lore


Tree Teaching song

Bacchus God of Wine, bless your sacred tree.  With Autumn harvest of the vine, we give thanks to thee.

Associations for the Oghams in three levels of interpretation.

Lunar Tree


Honesty/Release/Appreciate Simplicity


Flesh/Physical –  Calming/Cleansing/Tenacity/Assistance/Inspiration/Tonic Healing

“Unwind.  Let intuition help you determine proper action.”

Heart/Mental– Teach/Working in Harmony/Uniting Differences/Joy, Exhilaration and Wrath

“Allow your senses to open to speed inner development as you learn to trust.  Do not rely solely on reason.”

Spiritual – Sharing experiences/Unbiased/Awareness of Multiple levels.

“Open your inner self so it may harvest and gather intuitive understanding.”