May: Ash Tree Lore


Tree Teaching song

Sturdy water craft, born of cruel Ash.  Guide my journey across the sea, guard from lightning flash.

Associations for the Oghams in three levels of interpretation.

Lunar Tree


Peace/Balance/Recognize deception

Flesh/Physical –Stang/Spine/Extra effort needed/Expressing self/Stability (financial).

“Your actions echo outward – Know you and the world are interconnected.

Heart/Mental– Will/Overcoming Inertia/Working with subtle aspects.

“Your problems/questions are not yours alone.  Others feel the same.  Look in the wider context and ask opinions.

Spiritual – Manifesting Intent/Warrior/Change.  Perspective/Keys to future.

“Endeavor to become aware that all things are connected.  Balance your need with the Earth’s.”