June: Hawthorn and Heather Tree Lore


Tree Teaching Song

Night crow takes its flight in the chastity of day.  Hawthorn fragrance fills the air, hear the four winds stay.

Sacred sounds/Tree song for the Fire Trees

The vowel sound associated with Summer/South is “I”.  That vowel can be intoned either as one note or as a series of notes (a “song”) to the trees associated with this time of the year and its energies.  The musical notes in sequence for this are:


Associations for the Oghams in three levels of interpretation.

Lunar Tree



Restraint/Abstinence & Excess (Sexual) Cleansing

Flesh/Physical – Think before acting/emotional ease/fright/Destructive power/Balancing nerves, blood and Spirit.

“Work on your body.  Health must be maintained at all levels.”

Heart/Mental– Hope/Warning/ Temporary Repercussions/Irritability/Defensive.

“Open your mind and realize your own self imposed thickets and false facts.  Free your thoughts and cleanse your mind.”

Spiritual – Disruption/Aspirations/Recuperation/Lessons Learned/Success after difficulty.

“In overcoming problems, your spirit creates new and unexpected strengths.”

Solar Tree (South) – In this cycle, we are moving to the Fire oriented tree Ura.  It will hold an overall energy effect with its associated Lunar trees until Lughnasad.


Passion/Acting on Dreams/Examination

Flesh/Physical – Restorative/Removing Fear or Reaching out.

“Listen to your body’s message.  The time for healing is now.”

Heart/Mental – Reconstruction

“Do not permit yourself further stress.  Go inward for healing and respite.  Issues can wait.”

Spiritual – Consequences/Awareness of outcomes/Personal position.

“Integrate with inner self to heal and be whole, to build the foundation for what will follow.”

“I am the blaze on every hill” – (Initiation upon hills, at Dolmens)