July: Oak Tree Lore


Tree Teaching Song

Great oak mid-summer tree Fulfillment of the spring.  Sacred hinge and door am I, Solstice fires I bring.

Associations for the Oghams in three levels of interpretation.

Lunar Tree


Solidarity/Steadfastness/Doorway of Understanding.

Flesh/Physical – Endurance/Support/Lineage/Keep anchored in reality/Repose/Hospitality.

“Hands on approach will nurture skills.  Step through the door, one learns by doing.”

Heart/Mental– Strongest defense/Respect/Caution/Hospitality/Shared knowledge.

“You have accumulated wisdom, time to share.”

Spiritual – Bring physical into spiritual/release old conditioning/Freedom.

“As teacher or student you must be resilient despite life’s unpredictability.  Be as the oak to the lightning – strong and wise.”