January: Birch, Fir and Yew Tree Lore


Tree Teaching song

Birch moon you may begin, strengthen my resolve.  Sleeping moon and knowing time, the sacred wheel revolved.

Sacred sounds/Tree song for the Air Trees

Once again – please note that our Tradition places Air in the North (if your Tradition uses Earth – North associations, adjust the elemental placement to suit your particular path work.  The vowel sound associated with Winter/North is “Ah”.  That vowel can be intoned either as one note or as a series of notes (a “song”) to the trees associated with this time of the year and its energies.  The musical notes in sequence for this are:


Associations for the Oghams in three levels of interpretation:
Lunar Tree

Beithe/Beith/Beth – Birch

Beginnings/Change/Good Fortune

Flesh/Physical – Colonizing, Sacrificing Self for Others/Sustaining and Life Giving/Skin and Joints.

“Give without conditions.  You are eternal.”

Heart/Mental – Opportunities/Commencing a new perspective/Change in consciousness/Take time to review intent/The will to get you started.

“Concentrate on desire.  Keep image of result firmly in mind.”

Spiritual – Being/Working Ideal/Unselfish/Leading the Way/Devotion to great work.

“Focus on new beginnings – do not let distractions or obstacles interfere.”

Solar Tree(s) – there are actually two trees at this station Ailm/Fir and Idho/Yew.  The Yew considered by some interpretations to be the “doorway” on and off the wheel and is sometimes equated with center/spirit, the “hidden 9th Tide of Energy”, etc.).

Ailm/Ailim – Fir

Power/Consequence/Proper Place

Flesh/Physical – Broad experience/New realizations/Boldness

“You can see what is beyond and what is coming.  You have the perception to see and understand.”

Heart/Mental – Amazement/Comprehension/Luck at partings.

“Receive from the past and present strength and healing.  You will draw insight and knowledge for your future.”

Spiritual – Results of desire/considering impact in partnerships.

“Be aware of your progress on your spiritual voyage.”

Idho/Ioho – Yew

Immortality/Transformation/Ancestral Knowledge

Flesh/Physical – Love/Releasing mentally and emotionally/ new attitudes.

“Something held for many ears must be passed on, let go.  It serves you no longer.”

Heart/Mental – Sum of all/Needed knowledge/Avoid shortcuts/Walk complete path.

“The knowledge that nothing lasts forever will bring ease at this time.”

Spiritual – Infinite potential/Integration of all experience/Destiny.

“Changes are coming to you.  You have a tendency to try and hang on, let go and experience the change as an ally – not an enemy.”