February: Rowan Tree Lore


Tree Teaching song

Rowan wattles, teach wisdom of the age.  Stone encircled, oracle of witch and of the mage.

Associations for the Oghams in three levels of interpretation.
Lunar Tree

Luis – Rowan

Insight/Protection/Discernment/Conquer Self-Doubt

Flesh/Physical – Strong and flexible/Can handle precarious situations/Sustaining and Extending

“You can distinguish harm from help.”

Heart/Mental– Trust/Kindling inspiration/Visions/Charming (Blessing)/Collecting of Energy/Perceiving.

“You will not be deceived.  Stay aware.”

Spiritual – Test/Initiation/Receiving Knowledge/Seeing Past Appearances/ Perceiving Dual Nature/Inner effort needed

“Your strength will turn away threats.”