December: Broom/Reed Tree Lore


Tree Teaching Song

Pan pipes of the sacred Reed, warn of Winter’s chill.  Slender shafts do arrows make, be doth harm or heal.

Associations for the Oghams in three levels of interpretation

Lunar Tree

nGetal/Broom (Reed)


Flesh/Physical– Incomplete issues/Clear away outdated aspects/Beware of overindulgence.

“You can create order where others find only chaos.  Put this valuable skill to work.  Take charge.”

Heart/Mental – Clean up damage/Correcting/Healing/Recognize unfinished work.

“Your results will depend on your intentions.  Keep your target in sight.”

Spiritual – Recognize dangerous situations/learn from mistakes/Demarcate sacred space/memory/Maintenance of order in chaos.

“Create your Sacred Sanctuary with Wisdom and Grace.  Guard its secrets with Knowledge and Experience.”