Part Two

Middle or Fools  finger

Base of Middle finger – Heather/Ura <Solar>

The Roman historian Pliny noted that the Celts wore rings on their middle fingers, a custom apparently not practiced by either the Greens nor the Romans – for in their culture it was the finger of disgrace.  Conversely, some Druidic lore identifies the middle finer with change and renewal.

Heather – sign of the Summer Solstice – is the time of year when the sun begins its retreat and the days grow shorter.  Heather reminds us of the beauty in solitude, it brings luck and freshness to any venture and protects one against possible danger.

Heather – Ura

Passion/ Acting on Dreams/ Examination

Flesh/Physical – Restorative/ Removing fear of reaching out.

“Listen to your body’s message.  The time for healing is now”

Heart/Mental – Reconstruction

“Do not permit yourself further stress.  Go inward for healing and respite.  Issues can wait.”

Spiritual – Consequences/ Awareness of outcomes/ Personal position

“Integrate with inner self to heal and be whole and to build the foundation for what is to follow.

Second Joint – Reed/nGetal

The reed – more than likely associated with the marsh grasses at the water’s edge typifies flexibility and movement needed in coming to terms with a given situation.

First Joint – Holly/Tinne

Holly is borne by the Green knight, who in medieval holiday pageants was beheaded but rose unharmed.  Represents strength and power, ever mindful of maintaining balance and fairness in all situations.

Finger Tip – Alder/Fearn

The Alder represents the willingness to separate oneself from a binding situation.  It is time to find a solution to the issue, problem or conflict and weigh whether it is something that needs to be released or not.

Ring or “Leech”/Psychic Finger

Base of finger – Aspen/Eadha <Solar>

The custom of wearing a wedding ring on the middle third finger of the left hand arose because it was believed that an artery ran directly from it to the heart, source of everlasting love.  The Druidic classification is a far more subtle one.

The Autumnal Equinox position on the wheel suits the aspen.  Aspen reminds us that death is not an ending but a transcending into another level of existence.  Aspen signifies the power of the potential of one’s will to override destiny.

Aspen – Eadha

Overcoming Negativity/ Perseverance

Flesh/Physical – Accept assistance/ learn self-healing/ Resist being misled/Common sense.

“Whatever challenge you face now, you will endure and conquer with determination.”

Heart/Mental – Distinguished knowledge/ Acknowledging success/ Attainment/Seer and Observer

“Shield your thoughts from fear and doubts about the odds you must overcome.”

Spiritual – Avoid self-importance/ Proper intent/ Humility/ Calculated risks/ Ethics

“Do not give in to worldly pressures, great assistance is yours on your journey to rebirth.”

Second Joint – Blackthorn/Straif

This tree is considered an obscure and, to some, an ominous divination indication.  However, the Blackthorn provides the strength and protection needed to resist and defeat adversity.  It was the one traditional woods of that formidable Celtic weapon known as the bata <incorrectly coined by an English author as a “shillelagh” from the reference to Shillelagh Forest Oak wood>.  Young men earned it the right and honor to carry it as a symbol of their passage into adulthood.

First Joint – Hazel/Coll

Hazel is renowned as a resource of Spiritual Wisdom.  If vibration is felt in Hazel, it is asking you to listen to your own intuition and allow the voice of Spirit to guide you.

Finger Tip – Willow/Saille

This belongs to Willow, the mysterious emblem of the moons’ power of enchantment.  Willow tells us that what is desired, can be achieved through flexibility and harmonious considerations to the situation.