Part Three

Little or “Auricular” finger

Base of the finger – Yew/Idho

The Yew tells us that it is time to work within the cycles of birth, death and rebirth.  Where within yourself do you see adjustments needed in attitudes and actions.


Immortality/Transformation/Ancestral Knowledge

Flesh/Physical – Love/ Releasing mentally and emotionally/ New attitudes

Heart/Mental – Sum of all/ Needed knowledge/ Avoid shortcuts/ Walk complete path

“The knowledge that nothing lasts forever will bring ease at this time.”

Spiritual – Infinite Potential/ Integration of all experiences/ Destiny

“Changes are coming to you, you have a tendency to try and hang on, let go and experience the change as an ally – not an enemy.

Second Joint – Elder/Ruis

The mystic connections of the sacred Elder tree are legendary.  If vibration is felt here it is a warning of possible violence.  It brings us face to face with our fears so we can examine them and hopefully find acceptance and regain balance within our lives.

First Joint – Apple/Quert

The wild apple tree is a poet’s symbolic passport to paradise.  Listen carefully, as the gift of inspiration waits to be revealed.

Finger Tip – Ash/Nion

Ash represents the birthing into a new cycle of existence, transformation has or is about to take place.