The Poem

1. When Winter’s branch of brightest Birch serves Bel’s Epiphany,
2. Thy feet shall dance the golden verge of Hel, Terpsichore!
3. And Silver Fir at Brigit’s birth bows helm in sympathy.

4. When Sylvia by her Maiden tall is loosely Rowan-crowned,
5. In Nidavellir‘s quickened halls Euterpe‘s flute must sound!
6. For Alder warms the earthy Cauldron Prudent dwarf-smiths found.

7. When Arawn dies on Nuadha’s cross, though Willow weeps remorse,
8. All Swartalfheim tastes Thalia‘s comic sallies on his corse!
9. And planters climb on Tara’s Tor to gambol in the Gorse.

10. When Gwydion rides his steed of Ash to rhyme the dark away,
11. Then Clio lights the fires in Muspelheim to mark the day!
12. We’ll hunt delight with Hawthorn boughs, entwined in parks in May.

13. Arianrhod’s Mother Cailleach dourly limps through door of Oak,
14. Then Midgard‘s noble heroines Calliope invoke!
15. Her Cauldron of Vocation wreathed in Heather mid the smoke.

16. With Holly Bel is summer-crowned at Lugh’s Epiphany,
17. In Jotunheim Erato strums of love’s antiphony!
18. And Brigit collects Hazelnuts for Lammas symphony.

19. When Brigit takes the Apple cakes and Sylvia’s full-grown,
20. In Alfheim‘s brakes Polymnia makes her poetry well-known!
21. And Aspen quakes when Arawn wakes again at Nuadha’s throne.

22. Through Vines the Crone sees Arawn crown and crucify the green,
23. In Vanaheim Melpomene laments with cry and keen!
24. And Ivy climbs the Knowledge Cauldron every scryer’s seen.

25. Amaethon then hangs Gwydion high, and holds the royal Reed,
26. In Asgard‘s glen Urania teaches Druids’ starry creed!
27. And Yew tree bends its branch to bow bold Gwydion Godspeed.

(28.) With Blackthorn staff the Cailleach slow will show Arianrhod down,
(29.) Descending till Ceridwen gives the Elder sapphire crown!
(30.) Then Silver-Wheel and Golden Bel return to grand renown.