GryphonSong Facilitators

The Two TreesAracos Arendel aka Hawk

Aracos Arendel, or Hawk,  began her walk of the Old Ways over 20 years ago and has studied and been trained in several magickal paths. She is an Initiate and Priestess of GryphonSong, which she co-founded with Eíbhlean in November 2008. She is a Bard trained by the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, (OBOD),  an initiated Warrior, a Bard in Training of the Keltrian Druid Tradition, and a Priestess of the Arthurian Tradition. She was very active in Dogwood Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess for many years and was elected National First Officer of CoG for 2011-2013.  Her esoteric interests and studies cover many lands, times, and cultures.




Eíbhlean has been active in the Craft for over two decades and has studied and developed her work as a Witch under Bhardic/Druidic, Eclectic, Gnostic and Earth Steward paths of study.  She currently follows the teachings and ethics of practice based on our Elder Mother – Lady Rhea’s – Craft Tradition and has had the privilege and blessing of being elevated by her to an OSD Family Elder Mother.  She has deep appreciation and gratitude to House of OakSpring for being welcomed in as an Initiate/Adopted Elder of their Lineage.   As Ulchabhán, she is an Initiate/Druid in the Ring of the Oak within the Keltrian Druid Tradition and in Olde Stone Grove’s Keltoi Druid Clan.  GryphonSong officially became a Chartered Grove in the Henge of Keltria in 2015.  She was very active in  Covenant of the Goddess’ Dogwood Local Council as a Local Board Member, served on the National Board of Covenant of the Goddess  for several years and was Secretary on the Board of Trustees of the Henge of Keltria from 2012 to 2016.