GryphonSong Clan Elders

Lady Rhea — Elder Mother

Lady Rhea was trained in a Family Tradition in the early 1940’s. She gave almost 70 years of service to the Craft, worked with many Traditions and assisted in the founding of several, including GryphonSong Clan.  She was been a teacher and mentor for Craft students nationwide and provided intuitive and hands on instruction long before the existence of the Internet and other of the current easily available resources and was instrumental in facilitating the elevation of several Priests and Priestesses.  She wrote many articles and papers supporting Witches’ rights and explaining Craft practices.  She stayed actively involved in working and growing her root Craft Heritage.  She crossed to the Summerland on June 12th 2016 surrounded by Family both of blood and Spirit.  She was released with Love, Song and reverence and is remembered on our Ancestor Appreciation page.

Rheas Green Dragon


Lady Devayana Augusta — Elder

Lady Devayana Augusta is a founder, anchoring spiritual advisor, and Elder of House of OakSpring, a magickal group that is a member of the Circean Tradition.  Previously, she had worked in the Ravenwood Tradition in Atlanta.  She has been a positive and motivating presence in the local Atlanta Pagan community for decades and has guided OakSpring’s community through well over a decade of growth and service to Deity.  She graciously agreed to be a part of the GryphonSong Elder council, extending herself to our Clan as a mentor and advisor.  We feel very blessed to have her as a part of GryphonSong.


Lady Rhiannon — Elder

Lady Rhiannon was trained in a small Gardnarian Coven.  She started out initially with an interest in Astrology that grew into a full interest in Wicca.  Over the years she has kept ties with several divergent groups and Traditions while developing her business career as a seamstress.  Through this career she has enjoyed a broad level of contact within the community, where she has patiently listened and learned that which was freely given.  She is a knowledgeable Hedge Witch and excels at working with what is available.  She has been active in the Atlanta community for over 30 years.




Lord Govannan — Elder

Lord Govannan joined Lady Rhiannon on her quest shortly after she began her training.  He has been active in the Atlanta community for over 30 years.  Along the way, a natural interest in things mechanical and ancient led him to learn the ways of the Blacksmith.  Learning and discovering the ways of Ritual Smithcraft led him to write the book Forging in Ritual Workspace.

Lord Govannan frequently contributes to GryphonSong Clan with writings of Elder Wisdom: Govannan’s Forge.