Grail Studies

GryphonSong Priestess Aracos Arendel is also the Guild Master for the GryphonSong Arthurian Mysteries Guild, The Fellowship of the Round Table.

GryphonSong Clan offers Grail studies through the Arthurian Mysteries Path.   Once a student has reached the level of Initiate of GryphonSong, the Arthurian Path is then opened to them as a specialized area of esoteric study.

“….When they were all seated in the hall, a small dove appeared at the window. In its beak was a gold censer from which came a most fragrant and concentrated odor of spices, and suddenly the table was laden with every conceivable variety of meat and wine. Then a young noblewoman, bearing a gold vessel in her hands, appeared, and the king knelt down before her and prayed.”

Fellowship of the Round Table Gatherings 2013-2014

Saturday November 23rd   3 PM   Topic:
Rashi, the Templars, and the Grail Search Begins…

Bring a side dish to compliment a big ole pot of Arthurian Chili!

BAM: Sword of the Valiant  5 PM

Saturday December 21    8 PM
Arthurian Yuletide Ritual @ GryphonSong Grove