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GryphonSong Clan members are passionate supporters of the Lifeline Animal Project and the Trap, Neuter, and Release method as a humane way to manage our feral cat colonies in Georgia.

What is Trap, Neuter, and Release? “Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), also known as Trap-Test-Vaccinate-Alter-Release (TTVAR), is a method being promoted as a humane alternative to euthanasia for managing and reducing feral cat populations. TNR relies on sterilization of the cats so that they don’t breed. The method has been gaining increasingly widespread acceptance in the United States since the late 1980s and early 1990s, to the point that some municipalities have embraced the method and support it through veterinary subsidy programs. More recently in Eastern Europe schemes have been set up to control street dog and cat populations.”

GryphonSong Clan has a feral colony that we manage which we call the “da Vinci” colony. When the feral cat colony in our neighborhood began to grow…and grow…and grow…and the number of dead cats on the nearby (busy) roads began to become more and more frequent, we reached out for help to find a way to stop the madness. Our local animal shelter has been full for the last few years with only kittens w/mothers being taken and any and all other adult cats were immediately euthanized. We could not accept that this was the only option available, and the Goddess agreed. We were introduced to the Trap, Neuter, and Release program that is partnered (locally) with Lifeline Animal Project. For $20 per cat, we humanely trap our ferals, take them to Lifeline, and the cat is spayed or neutered, vaccinated for rabies, and then released within 24-48 hours with a little nip on their left ear and a small belly tattoo that designates them as TNR Colony kitties. We sometimes gratefully receive free food through Lifeline for the feral colony, and we have also received critical care for the colony at very discounted pricing.

We believe that all creatures — 4 legged, 2 legged, winged, or no legs–belong to the Goddess and deserve a healthy, cruelty free life.

Over the last several years of participating in the TNR program, GryphonSong Clan has spayed/neutered over 30 feral cats!! By doing so, we have prevented (at least) 100 new feral cat births in our neighborhood alone. Feral tracking statistics show that each cat spayed or neutered prevents the birth of an average of six unwanted kittens.

da Vinci Colony TNR Spay/Neuters for 2009-2018:

Helo, Graymalkin, Hoss, Little Joe, Ellen, Ember, Mowgli, Fibonacci, Crooked Mama, Fred, Fractal, Shortcake, Cinder, Domino Tom, Stella, Esther, Nikita, Ginger, Freckles, Big White Momma, Moon Pie, Little Bits, Sparrow Hawk, France, Ichabod, Miranda Bee, Molly, Shadowfoot, Hannah Magnolia, Shadow Pendragon, Gypsy Rose, D’Artagnan, George, Mica, Tank, Maverick and DaVinci!

*Little Joe went on Walkabout and we hope found a loving home Fall 2010.

*Shortcake passed into the kitty Summerlands Winter 2011.

*Cinder went on Walkabout in Early Spring 2011 and we hope found a loving home. (Update 2/2012 – amazingly..Cinder now stops in about once a year – all grown up and looking very fluffy and happy.  We are assuming must have a content forever home.

*Icabod and Miranda Bee went on Walkabout and we hope found loving homes Winter 2011 (Update 7/2011 — Miranda Bee was seen looking VERY healthy and happy in our neighborhood! We believe that she has found a loving home!)

* We lost one of our beautiful big long haired orange guys – Hoss – to a sudden illness in October of 2014.  His twin, Helo misses him greatly, as do we.

*We assisted our feline Matriarch – Daria Binks into the Summerlands in mid November 2014 – she had a long and well loved life and lived it fiercely with us for the last 17 years.  We know her Lion Spirit is free and happy.  Fractal, George and France bring us their stuffed toys in her honor – she taught them to hunt well!

*December 2014 – Mowgli, one of the first feral kittens (born in our workroom by Crooked Mama) and a gentle short haired black tom kitty lost his ability to fight a cronic respiratory infection.  He was tough and kind and finally drifted away gently in his sleep.  We were glad to give him a safe haven for almost six years.

*On January 28th 2015 we lost another one of our original kitty tribe – Einstein (lovingly known as “Steiny-Muff”), our big beautiful three legged black long haired boy had to be eased into the Summerlands after suffering an acute onset of Congestive Heart Failure.  He was an amazing, sweet tempered and wonderful companion.  He is with his long time buddy Daria now and running happily on all four legs chasing astral birds, rodents and other kitties.  Greatly loved for almost 14 years of friendship and will be greatly missed…

*Early in 2015 our older neighborhood Tom kitty Graymalkin went on his own Walkabout – we hope he is happy and pain free wherever his travels have taken him.

* On September 3rd 2015 we said goodbye to the most recent (yet oldest) addition to our Kitty Clan.  Tank was a very old, sweet tempered  short haired white and gray spotted Tom kitty who showed up this past Spring.  He had several good months being well fed and loved but apparently had cancer quietly taking his health.  He finally lost use of his back legs and we gave him gentle send off surrounded by love.  Journey well sweet gentle old man…

*March 2016 – our fearless indoor Big Orange Man – SparrowHawk (aka Sparrow Kitty the Mighty) was diagnosed with chronic late stage kidney failure.  He beat the odds by surviving a very sickly kitty phase and ruled the clan (and our Hearts) for almost seven years.  We helped keep his quality of life in a good place as long as we could.  It is always Heart breaking to have to make the choice to assist a passage but he was surrounded with love and respect.

*2017 saw the crossing of three of our feral rescues.  Domino Tom, Freckles and Esther all crossed during the year.  We were happy we had the privilege of giving these unwanted ones a safe sanctuary and helping them feel loved.

*In 2018 Gypsy Rose (the last of our outdoor white calico girls) came down with a lethal respiratory condition.  We are glad she was able to spend the last several years of her life well fed, in a stable group and free of constantly bearing kittens.  She was sassy and independent and had no fear.

daria einstein hoss

**Nikita, Shadow Pendragon, Ginger and Mica all have loving homes now!

***Fred, France, Fractal, Sparrow Hawk, Moon Pie, Little Bits and several others somehow muggled their way inside of our house and now enjoy the life of a warm, indoor kitty!

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