Welcome to GryphonSong Clan’s Webhome!

Our Clan’s root Family Tradition came directly from the Middle Eastern area of the world. In the late 1800’s members brought it to the United States and continued its practice in the Northeast. Knowledge was originally passed down in a hereditary fashion. However, as time passed, the Elder Mothers decided to open initiations to people who were not necessarily of the immediate family line through blood or marriage ties.

We began GryphonSong at the end of 2008. We wanted to bring in what we felt to be valid and affirming teachings from the various Pagan Traditions that we have been trained in. Our students are taught under a 13-phase template of esoteric topics developed with our Elder Mother—who considers GryphonSong to be one of her direct lineage teaching traditions. We are structured as a five level initiatory program and build on each of the 13 core areas at each level of study.  On June 12th, 2016 Our Elder Mother – Lady Rhea crossed to the Summerlands.  We have dedicated a page to her on our site called Ancestor Gratitude.

We incorporate some of the ways of the older Family Tradition as well as other esoteric paths.  Our desire is to give individuals a basic template of magickal training and celebratory practices with the option of “specializing” their focus into specific training programs once they become an Initiate.


Because of our structure as an esoteric “college” – we consider ourselves a group of Mystics, (as opposed to Wiccan, Gnostic, Druidic, Heathen, etc.).  We practice as, and call ourselves Witches and Druids, but broaden our scope of spirituality to encompass many approaches to serving Deity.  In this way, we hope to give opportunities for each of oGryphonSong Clanur students to discover what truly sings to their soul.

GryphonSong Clan is proud to be a National Coven in the Covenant of the Goddess, www.cog.org  and a formally recognized Chartered Grove within the Henge of Keltria.


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